Password Setup on AccountantPro

Example on Password Setup on AccountantPro


Step 1/ Go to Menu Section F2 Users Right Setting.


Step 2/ Press [Add] button, Select [N] for not copy record.


Step 3/ Id:                                    Input USER1

          Name:                                Input KEN

          Password:                          Input 1234

          Re-type Password:            Input 1234 

          Check the box for grant the select function to user.


Step 4/ Press [Save] for record the User Right setting.


Step 5/Go to Menu Section F1 Company Information.


Step 6/Input Password and Press [Check]


Step 7/Company Information Windows Show, Press [Edit] Buttom at bottom.


Step 8/At right hand side – [ Use password table ] input [y] for turn on password login function. Then Press [Save] at buttom.


Step 9/ Go to Menu Section J1 User Login, Input User ID : USER1 Password : 1234. Then Press [OK] .


Step 10/ User can only access the function grant by F2 Section.


***Menu Section F13 can check User Activity Information.

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